Cable suspended display systems are still a very popular and innovative way to display products. These systems are modern, slim line and indeed space saving. The cables themselves are very strong and are manufactured from 1.5mm stainless steel. We produce our own quality cable system with designer bullet styled fittings...... we challenge you to find a more attractive cable system on the market!

Cable system finishes include brushed steel, bright chrome, brushed brass and polished brass. Other colour finishes are available to order.

Acrylic Large Panel System

This system is a simple fixed format system for displaying information which changes frequently. The large acrylic panels are fitted between two cable system drops and are fully adjustable up or down on the cables. The acrylic clear panels can be branded with colour company logos, borders, telephone numbers etc. Acrylic easy change information holders are fitted to both front and back to display information.

Price Range - Budget from £195.00

LED Cable Display

The latest cable window display innovation is here in the form of backlit LED poster units. The units form a stunning illuminated display by utilising state of the art high bright LEDís with an average life span of between 60 - 100,000 hours. Low voltage power is carried through the cable system with LEDís transferring an even light across the unit via a mesh grooved light panel, which eliminates any dark spaces. Pictures are printed onto a translucent film on a standard ink jet printer to produce superb bright results.

The units also have a bevelled edge to carry the light to the edges of the acrylic producing a framed effect to whatever you are showing in the unit. The LEDís are so bright they can show clearly in daylight but come alive when evening falls.

All poster sizes and formats available. Single and double sided units available.

Price Range - Mid from £295.00

Suspended Individual Pocket & Poster System

Cable drops are firstly fitted vertically from ceiling to floor. Acrylic easy to change poster holders of various sizes can then be fitted into the system via adjustable stylish cable grips. These poster holders can be added into the system or taken out when not required. Poster holders can be manufactured to virtually any size. Acrylic headers can also be added into the system with text or custom logos applied.

Price Range - Budget from £70.00

Suspended Shelving Systems

Suspended shelving systems are a modern and stylish way to display products both in the window and in interior situations. Strong stainless steel cable systems are fitted from the ceiling to the floor in sets of four. Toughened glass shelves are then suspended in various positions within the cable system via smart bullet cable grips. Various sizes of shelves can be used in many different formats. Shelves can also be supplied in steel, wood, marble or whatever the style you are following. Systems are fully adjustable via an alen key for full flexibility.

Price Range - Mid from £225.00

Suspended Strip System

Developed by ourselves in the late 1980ís and still ever popular due to its flexibility of use. Cable drops are fitted vertically from ceiling to floor to form the basis of the display. Metal hanging strips are then connected into the system using stylish adjustable cable fittings. Poster holders and pockets then simply drop onto the strips and are positioned where needed. Acrylic information holders show information to front and back and are easily changed.

Various widths of strip are available in a variety of metal finishes included brushed steel, bright chrome, polished brass and brushed brass.

Logos and text panels can be added into the system in a wide variety of styles and finishes. These are connected into the system with matching cable clips.

Price Range - Budget from £150.00

Suspended Text System

Cable drops are fitted vertically from ceiling to floor to form the basis of the display. Acrylic or metal text plaques are then connected into the system using matching cable clips. Information can be added in on separate text plaques or taken away as and when required.

Price Range - Mid from £200.00

Wood Pillar Acrylic Panel System

This system is as the acrylic large panel system described above with the addition of wood pillars being added to create a smoother effect. Various styles of pillars and wood types are available. The pillar also has the added benefit of concealing most of the cable management system giving added neatness.

Price Range - Mid from £275.00