Effective brand identity design and strategy is something every business small or large should think about. In a world increasingly dependent on fast visual impact, having a strong brand is vital to your business, after all it is how your customers identify, recognise and ultimately put their trust in you. Your brand is there to work for you both online and through your normal offline marketing materials, which is why we take time to get to know you, your business and what you require from us as part of the creative process to deliver you the perfect corporate identity.

Branding & Visual Identity

What's your brand saying about you?

We've all heard the saying, "If you don’t plan for the future, you get the future that shows up." Well, if you don’t create a clear market position for your business, the market will create one for you. Too many companies have settled for 'Accidental Branding', and find themselves offering 'me too' messages to an undefined market.

Sick of competing on price?

Big FMCG firms can compete on price and still make money for their shareholders. But for small and medium sized businesses, competing on price traps you into a soul-destroying downward spiral – leaving you working harder, longer hours for less profit when you know you’re worth more.

If you’ve been trading for a while you’ll have an abundance of value in your business that’s undiscovered and unarticulated. It’s hidden. It needs to be unearthed and identified before the value can be communicated to your customers.

You need a process that gives you real clarity before you can overcome accidental branding, communicate your true value and stop competing on price.

Ready to step up?

We work with professional service sector companies who are serious about growth. Using our Branding For Business process we uncover the certain abundance of value in your business – your hidden assets.

Then we articulate those assets with powerful messages and create a stunning visual identity – giving you a brilliant Brand for Business that you can be proud of.

What now?

Book your Brand Clarity Clinic with us!

You’ll walk out of this 75 minute session with tools to identify your audiences, highlight your values and discover your differences. Not least you'll be buzzing with new possibilities and marketing tactics that can make these a reality for your business.

Especially useful for Start-ups and established businesses wanting to reposition.

Price £175.00 No risk guarantee – if you don’t think it was worth it we’ll give you your money back! And if you take up a Brand For Business package we’ll give you your £175.00 back.